19 Jan 10

Casino betting is often played with a betting plan in the fore front. That is however not normally the case with slot machine games. Most gamblers simply pump in their credits, pull on the arm and pray to hit the jackpot.

But really there’s much more to winning at slots than simply pulling the arm.

First off, you have to realize that it’s not all about the slot machine jackpot. Putting your dreams on getting the top prize will be expensive and not to say disappointing. However it’s true that the jackpot will hit soon or later, do not anticipate to capture it in the 1st couple of rounds you play. This would be extremely lucky!

Additionally, know when to stop. This basically means knowing when to stop regardless if you’re winning or squandering. There is little use flogging a dead horse. Therefore if your slot machine is not paying out, it’s time to shift on to another slot machine.

Thirdly, attempt to mix up your bets – maximum betting will ensure that you receive the largest achievable payout for any winning grouping but it will only drain your funds quickly if you don’t win in the starting rounds of your game. So try laying a couple of tinier wagers and when you feel the machine is about to hit a winning combination, wager big…

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